When youre trying to shift mindsets over skill sets, its not about how do you assemble teams and how do you get to a solution, but how do you ultimately sell your vision and how do you get people enthusiastically believing in that vision?”

This quote is attributed to Amit Shah, president of 1-800-Flowers, in the latest Me, Myself, and AI podcast episode, “LearningEngagementand Empowerment” and seemed appropriate to revisit for a purpose

Welcome to the very first edition of Biz Connectionsa quarterly magazine focused on promoting the best of our research activities and highlighting the many opportunities our academicsstudents and partners engage.

It is timely to focus on supporting each other in 2021. The magazine will bring highlights to engage news and updates to the most recent developments embarked and experienced by our stakeholdersThe mission of the magazine is to bring people together and speak with one voiceshared concerns towards elevating business ideas and growth as we navigate the pandemics continuing impacts. Further insights and thoughts on what’s happening in the business and how we can be reflective on tackling issues and challenges of the world. 

The shared ideas is hoped to shed lights to many of the practical solutions and applications which could be adopted and built upon for the betterment of our society. 

The magazine will cover issues related to research and development, teaching and learning and community outreach and participatory.  As we see the school further grow as its best, our contributions here should be highly reflected. We hope very muchwe will continue to keep elevating the schools vision to create a knowledge sharing and learning organisation that excels to further build talents in higher education and impacting on building the nation.

I believe we can achieve much when we work togetherand Biz Connections is equipped to bring you this connections.  Let us move to this shared vision.

Prof. Nur Naha Abu Mansor


MAY 2021



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