Our school has internationally recognised academic staff who are committed to the University’s mandate of producing high quality research and teaching. You can view the complete list and profiles of our academic staffs here.



Photo Details Contact No
Designation Professor
Email m-hassan@utm.my
Second Email bsmhm@yahoo.com
Ext No 5079 / 5040
Designation Assoc. Prof.
Email fsa@ibs.utm.my
Second Email fsa@utm.my
Designation Business Research Project Coordinator & Assoc. Prof.
Email fqbhabib@ibs.utm.my
Second Email fqbhabib@yahoo.com
Ext No 5049
Designation Senior Lecturer
Email adriana.kl@utm.my
Ext No 5005
Designation Senior Lecturer
Email rahayu@ibs.utm.my
Second Email rahayutasnim@utm.my
Ext No 5026 / 5063
Designation Senior Lecturer
Email shathees@ibs.utm.my
Second Email shathees@utm.my
Ext No +6075610120
Designation Executive Development Manager & Senior Lecturer
Email suzilawati@ibs.utm.my
Ext No 5028
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