Our school has internationally recognised academic staff who are committed to the University’s mandate of producing high quality research and teaching. You can view the complete list and profiles of our academic staffs here.



Photo Details Contact No
Designation Dean & Professor
Email dean@ibs.utm.my
Second Email m-wkhair@utm.my
Ext No 5079 or 5034
Designation Profesor
Email asanali@ibs.utm.my
Ext No 5041
Designation Senior Lecturer
Email mahaza@ibs.utm.my
Second Email nomahaza.kl@utm.my
Ext No 5039

Designation Senior Lecturer
Email haliyana@ibs.utm.my
Second Email haliyana@utm.my
Ext No 5029/5069
Designation Senior Lecturer
Email ongchoonhee@ibs.utm.my
Ext No 07-5610112.
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