Prof. Dr. Basil Mustafa

Dr.Mustafa is the Nelson Mandela Fellow in Educational Studies at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, a Recognized Independent Centre of Oxford University. Dr Mustafa held an Associate Fellowship at the Said Business School, University of Oxford (2010-2012).

Dr Mustafa has a special interest in e-learning and distance learning programmes. His taught courses at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education include ‘Islam in the Modern World’ and ‘Islam and the West’. He has contributed to the Leadership Development Programme of the Executive Education Centre, Said Business School, University of Oxford. At Saïd Business School, Basil has participated as lecturer at the Oxford Leadership Advantage programme for State Farm Insurance, USA, and coached leadership competency workshops for the Abu Dhabi Civil Service Department (2009-2011). Dr. Mustafa designed the content of the programme within the framework of the Emirate’s Policy Agenda (2007-2008) to include innovative case studies from the history and tradition of Islam. Dr Mustafa was a speaker at the Inaugural Oxford Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum held at the Said Business School in July 2010. He was the lead module coach for corporate and public sector executives, Programme for Advanced Leadership Management, Knowledge Economic City, Saudi Arabia, May 2012.
Dr Mustafa acted as the lead coach for the human resource development programme organised for public sector employees of the State of Kelantan, Malaysia and more recently for the alumni of Bogazici University in Istanbul.


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