26 August 2018 – Sometimes we don’t have to look far to give back. The ones closest to us may need us the most. Signing ceremony of “Program Sekolah Angkat 2018” between Azman Hashim IBS and Sek. Keb. Taman Universiti 4 (SKTU4) was successfully inked on 26th August 2018 by the Dean, Prof Dr. Nur Naha Abu Mansor. SKTU4 is located within the neighboring areas of UTM campus in JB. This year-long foster program involves several engagements with SKTU4 to enhance the spirit of learning among the children by setting goals as early as possible. In one of the sessions “Saya Seorang Graduan”, the team touched the hearts and minds of the young generation to dream and become the best version of themselves when they grow up. Their parents were involved to play their roles in encouraging and assisting their children to further their studies to the highest level. Congratulations to the team: Dr. Suresh Ramakrishnan (program director), Dr. Noriza Mohd Jamal (department head), Tn. Hj. Zulkarnain Masrin (SKTU4 Headmaster), all lecturers and SKTU4 teachers especially to teacher Rohanna and teacher Rosmina.

Story credit: Mdm. Sariati Azman

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