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Program Keusahawanan Berprestij 

November 2016, Berita Harian
Cultivating lifelong learning
July 2015,The Star
University to host gathering of leaders and educators
November 2012, New Straits Times
Enhancing confidence and holistic competencies
June 2014,The star
Building confidence for the business world
June 2012, New Straits Times
Experiencing Harvard
March 2013, New Straits Times
UTM IBS MBA nurture the seeds of excellent
March 2011, OIC Today
Program DBA di UTM IBS
June 2013, Berita Harian
Mastering Healthcare Management
March 2011, International Business Review
Nurturing managerial, entreprenueurial leaders
June 2013, New Straits Times
Facilitating the corporate ladder climb
March 2011, Malaysian Business
Harvard professor to speak at premier business lecture series
February 2012, New Straits Times
Business management with a technology, innovation focus
July 2011, New Straits Times
 Promoting social entrepreneurship
July 2012, New Sunday Times


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