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Lekha Laxman

Lekha Laxman is a Chevening Scholar and a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Management Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia. She received her PhD in Law from the International Islamic University of Malaysia, Masters in Law from University College London and a Masters in Criminal Justice from Louisiana State University, USA. She has authored several legal textbooks and has publications in peer-reviewed international journals. She also provides legal consultancies to both governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as private corporations. She is a member of the LAWASIA – a regional association adbocating for the interests and concerns of the Asia Pacific legal profession, Malaysian Intellectual Property Association, the Malaysian Chevening Alumni, UCL Alumni, and also champions causes through NGO activities.

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Conservation of Biodiversity, Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, International Trade, Intellectual Property Protection, Food Security, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Justice And Human Rights.

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