Research Collaboration



UTM IBS is actively seeking to engage with external partners and collaborators.

We collaborate with educational institutions all over the world. Our focus goes beyond student and staff mobility and includes short courses, tailor-made programmes and research activities as well as student and staff exchange



Executive Development Program

UTM IBS continuously support industry and institutions by developing Executive Development Program (EDP) that utilizes a number of short courses covering all aspects of strategic management and leadership for organizations. We tailor exclusively needs of specific clients. Our EDP programs focuses on preparing participants to face the ever-changing market demands. We share our aims with clients in ensuring participants gain skills in various functional areas and needs of business, as well as ability to make effective and efficient decisions. Our clients include:

  • Business Administration College, Jazan University
  • KFC Malaysia
  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Percetakan Nasional
  • Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • Majlis Amanah Rakyat
  • Iranian Financial Engineering Association
  • Fahad bin Sultan University
  • Institut Darul Rizuan
  • Eurasian National University



Student And Staff Exchange

UTM IBS does its best to facilitate exchange of staff, researchers and students. Further practical information on coming to UTM IBS as an exchange student is available on the UTM International Website

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