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Rosmini Omar has been with AHIBS since 2007 and served as the Deputy Dean of Research and Innovation across three separate terms. She is currently a visiting professor at University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia (2021) while seasonally teaching at Helsinki School of Business, Finland (2012-present). She has 28 years of teaching experience in Malaysia and the United States (visiting/online adjunct at College of Business, Minot State University, North Dakota, USA: 2001-2015). Her training and consultancy projects begins in 2004, encompassing institutions, small and medium enterprises and government clients across Asia.

Her research passion is grounded on Talent Management, Capacity Building, Organizational Development and Leadership that aims to benefit talents, industry, communities and governments. She has written more than 50 publications. Her openness to cross-border engagement leads her to endeavour project management-based researches such as POSTCO TJ Foundation, South Korea and European Union- Erasmus+ (Assessment Tools for Research Performance in Asian Universities, MSc Food Innovation, ASEAN Network for Green Entrepreneurship and Leadership, MSc Industry 4.0, MSc Family Business). After her father succumbed to cancer (2014), she explores social work. Currently, she serves in the Board of Visitors for Ampang Puteri KPJ Hospital, the Committee Board for Patients for Patients Safety Malaysia (PFPSM). She has represented PFPSM at several World Health Organization (WHO) plenary sessions and workshops for patients and patient-centred care and WHO Global Initiative on Radiation Safety in Healthcare Setting. Rosmini earned her bachelors’ degree in International Business from University of Toledo, Ohio, USA (1990), Masters of Management from International Islamic University (1997), Malaysia (UIA). Her PhD thesis is on the adoption of various electronic endeavours among small and medium enterprises (Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia- 2004).

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Talent Management, Capacity Building, Organizational Development and Leadership

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