Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Faculty of Management offered me an amazing opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. program that gave me the chance to develop my research prowess by examining critical managerial and academic issues within the context of a dynamic academic environment. An advantage of studying at UTM and specifically in the Faculty of Management was the many explorative series of workshops I encountered during my doctoral studies there. This produced a rigorous, pertinent, and authentic Ph.D. study atmosphere for me. This is one of the most distinctive aspects of my Ph.D. experience at UTM, which I attribute to my research confidence in contributing to societal improvement.

BernicevGligah korkour

FM UTM is the DNA nurtured to each of the Alumnus – intelligence with skills and great personality. The academic system, the financial assistance, the people and the environment is positively support my bachelor degree journey. UTM Bachelor of Accountancy program was made with mixture of theoretical and practical. Besides classroom study, there were activities to engage with community and practiced our knowledge. Lectures are supportive, competent with great personalities. Always encourage students to participate in competitions and organise events to gain experience and enhance soft skills. Besides, the financial assistance given by UTM (UTM endowment) is a great help in the success of my degree journey.

Norfatihah Bt Ramle

The Faculty of Management is an excellent avenue to develop your academic and professional skills. The learning experience here is distinct and far-reaching in comparison to where I came from. Their blended learning initiatives, which include a variety of projects and coursework, make learning more relevant in today’s digital age. FM lecturers are pretty exciting and never miss an opportunity to encourage students to improve their leadership and communication skills by participating in various competitions and conferences. As a marketing student for three years, I’ve noticed the plethora of opportunities available to us as undergraduates. I believe the Faculty of Management is my top choice for pursuing my master’s and PhD programmes in the near future.

Subash Sandran

Being a Management (Technology) undergraduate in UTM has expanded my view on how the industry works. This has been possible with the guidance from our lecturers coming from various industrial backgrounds. Their insights help me to understand better with the application of real-world experience thus, prepares me to be a future-ready student. The arrangement of courses for each semester are also effective as it links to one another. Through this arrangement, I can visualise how different departments in a workplace rely one another to achieve the business goals. Lastly, this programme always provides opportunities in both academic and non-academic activities that shape students to be the future leaders.

Nur Atiqah Osman

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