This programme is designed for candidates who wish to obtain knowledge of applying Information Technology (IT) in a variety of contexts, such as Management, Education, Library and Information Services, Manufacturing, and others. This programme aims to produce responsible, innovative, and creative graduates with skills in planning, organizing, designing, and managing various ICT-based solutions for different kinds of organizations.


  • Capable in managing information technology (IT) projects of various types and sizes and being able to organize and lead the organization’s information communication and technology (ICT) strategy.
  • Capable of identifying the needs of the industry and being able to use ICT to transform business organizations.
  • Knowledgeable in technical, and management skills, and able to design, develop and manage IT systems effectively and efficiently.
  • Knowledgeable in ICT foundation for self-reliance and learning for self-development to face rapid changes in IT and information system (IS) field.


Information Systems Manager, Information Technology Manager, IS/IT Consultant, IS/IT Planner, Information Systems Analyst, or Information Systems Engineer.


  • SCSD 2613 – System Analysis and Design

  • SCSD 2523 – Database System

  • SCSD 1513 – Technology and Information Systems

  • MBSC 1253 – IT Planning and Management
  • MBSC 1213 – System Development Application
  • MBSC 2553 – Trends in Information Technology Applications
  • MBSC 1283 – Research Methodology in IT Management

 Choose 2 Courses Only (6 Credit)

  • MBSC 2573 – IT for Organizational Transformation
  • MBSC 2593 – Information and Knowledge Management
  • MBSC 1263 – IT Project Management
  • MBSC 2623 – Enterprise Information Systems
  • MBSC 1353 – Computer Communications and Technology
  • MBSP 1203 – Software Technology
  • MBSC 2613 – Information Security &Management System
  • MBSS 2113 – Human Computer Interaction
  • MBSS 1323 – Advanced Computer Graphic
  • MBSC 2673 – Special Topic in Information Technology for Management

Choose 1 Course Only

University’s General Courses

This course prepares students for advanced research in Information Systems or Information Technology. It covers all of the principal research methods applicable to Information Systems: case studies, surveys, action research, ethnographies and relates these methods to relevant meta-theories in the philosophy and sociology science. The course critically reviews published examples of work that use each of the principal methods from within IS and from other disciplines. The course also covers techniques applicable to each of the steps of a research project, including formulating research questions, theory building, data analysis (using both qualitative and quantitative methods), building evidence, assessing validity and publishing the research work. Having successfully completed the module, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding on the process of creating scientific knowledge.

The following is the list of dissertation courses code.

MBSC 1280 01
MBSC 2180 01
MBSC 2280 01
MBSC 3180 01
MBSC 3280 01
MBSC 4180 01
MBSC 4280 01
Entry Requirements

for the Bachelor Degree of Information Technology or Computer Science from UTM or any other recognized Institution of Higher Learning

for the Bachelor Degree other than Information Technology (IT) and related fields with some several years of working experience related in IT

CGPA = LESS than 2.75
for the Bachelor Degree in related to Information Technology fields with several years of working experience in Information Technology and recognized by University Senate.

*(Non IT and Computer Science background must complete pre-requisite course(s) in the first semester of the programme).

Application Procedure


Master IT Management is the greatest investment I made for my future. The programme is well-structured with both theoretical and practical approaches. The lecturers are experts in their respective fields and they facilitated me and my classmates effectively.”

Nor Fadzleen Sa’don

Best Student Award, Pro-Chancellor Award 2014

For more information about the admission process, please contact:

Telephone   +6075537900

To know more about the programme, please contact:

Name  AP Dr. Syed Norris Hikmi Syed Abdullah

Any inquiry about course registration, please contact:

Name  FM Academic Office 
Telephone +607-5610188
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