This program’s primary objective is to produce IT entrepreneurs (IT technopreneurs) at the postgraduate level. It aims to increase the number of highly skilled local IT technopreneurs who can develop hardware, software, and creative content.

The expected duration for a full-time program is 1.5 years (3 regular semesters + 1 short semester). Technopreneurs are required to complete 45 credits before graduation, with 12 credits dedicated to an IT-based product development project. Full-time students will receive three series of Entrepreneurship Modules (Entrepreneurship Development Training, Series 1, 2 & 3) conducted by professionals/practitioners during their studies, usually scheduled during semester breaks.

In addition to regular lectures, this program also adopts a Teaching Factory concept, where technopreneurs gain extensive practical exposure to enhance their business and entrepreneurial skills. Industrial involvement is crucial to the success of this program; therefore, technopreneurs will engage with industrial or business mentors through the introduced Mentoring & Coaching concept. To further equip technopreneurs to become more competent, innovative, versatile, and instill ethical entrepreneurial values, they will be exposed to various external entrepreneurial programs, such as seminars, a series of short courses, business discussions, workshops, business forums & networking, business competitions, business visits, etc


To produce Information Technology (IT) technopreneurs with:

  • The ability to capitalize on opportunities and develop innovative ICT products that can be transformed into sustainable and successful businesses.
  • The capability to lead profitable and sustainable globally competitive ICT businesses, with effective financial, human resource, and marketing management, grounded in ethical and entrepreneurial values.
  • Vision, strong capabilities, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial DNA, and resourcefulness.


IT technopreneurs.


  • MCSM0213 – System Development

Choose 1 Course Only (3 credit)

  • MBSM1063 – IT Product Marketing & Sales
  • MBSM1163 – Trends in ICT Application and System
  • MBSM1273 – IT Project Management & Consultancy
  • MBSM1233 – IT Product Design & Development
  • MBSM1223 – IT Business Application Domain
  • MBSM1323 – Product Creativity and Innovation
  • MBSM1053 – Entrepreneurial Finance & Accounting
  • MBSM1014 – IT Business Research & Management System

Choose 1 Course Only

University’s General Courses


IT Product Development & Business Courses

  • MBSU6313 – Project 1: Idea Generation & Opportunity Recognition
  • MBSU6324 – Project II – Product Proposal & Business Plan Development
  • MBSU6335 – Project III – Prototype Development & Business Strategy
  • MBSU6345 – Project IV – Production, Marketing & Sales
Entry Requirements

For Full-Time application, applicants must have the following academic qualifications:

a)  At least a Bachelor’s degree with good honors in the area of computer science or IT related discipline from UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia or any other institutions of higher learning recognized by the university senate.


b) A Bachelor’s degree from other technical background with at least two years working experience in IT related field may also be considered. A pre-requisite course is compulsory for such candidate.

Application Procedure

For more information about the admission process, please contact:

Telephone   +6075537900

To know more about the programme, please contact:

Name:  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Othman Ibrahim
Email:   othmanibrahim

Any inquiry about course registration, please contact:

Name  FM Academic Office 
Telephone +607-5610188
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