The programme is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in management. Students will be exposed with basic knowledge of management and equipped with specialized knowledge to plan and leverage technological capabilities and resources within an organization in achieving its strategic and operational objectives.

There is no prerequisite for management, business or economics knowledge prior to enrolment in this programme. Students are required to take core subjects in management and elective courses within technology management and other management specialisations and also university general courses. As part of the requirements, students are to write a dissertation based research on managerial issues in selected organisations or based on secondary data related to technology management.

The programme is suitable for both fresh undergraduates and also engineers, technologists, supervisors with some working experience who wish to move up in their managerial career ladders.


To produce managers who are:

  • Knowledgeable and competent in leveraging all resources including technology to achieve organisational objectives
  • Creative, innovative and ethical in solving managerial problems
  • Effective in communication, professional in planning and leading activities within organisation and always ready to contribute to society
  • Practicing life-long learnings for successful career advancement


This programme will prepare students to take any managerial positions in business sectors. The specialised courses opted in this program will especially equip students to take positions such as R&D Manager, Innovation Manager, Policy and Planning Manager, Manufacturing Manager and Quality Assurance Manager. Graduates may also choose to be an R&D and Innovation Consultant or a career in government departments or agencies responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing science, technology and innovation policies.


  • MHAD 1013 – Research Methodology
  • MHAD 1023 – Corporate Finance
  • MHAD 1033 – Managing Organisation and Change
  • MHAD 1043 – Strategic Operation Management
  • MHAD 1053 – Marketing Management

Choose 2 Courses (6 Credits)

  • MHAD 1063 – Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation
  • MHAD 1073 – Technology and Innovation Management
  • MHAD 1083 – Policy and Economic of Technology Innovation
  • MHAD 1093 – Financial Decisions in Technology Ventures
  • MHAD 1103 – Strategic Management of Technology
  • MHAD 1113 – Managing Emerging Technology Ventures
  • MHAD 1123 – Managing Intellectual Property

Choose 1 Course Only

University’s General Courses

This course is conducted in two stages. In the first stage, students are expected to prepare a proposal on the topic of their interest within the scope of management of technology area. The proposal consists of introduction, literature review and research methodology. Students are expected to come out with a good topic, clear problem statement and objectives, a comprehensive literature review and an appropriate research method. Before proceeding to the second stage, students will have to present their proposal and will be evaluated by selected examiners via viva-voce and written report. Once students have passed the first stage, they will proceed into the second stage where they will have to collect data, analyse the data, discuss their findings and conclude their dissertations by providing the answers to their problem statement and objectives and provide recommendations to overcome the identified problems related to the research. The dissertation will be evaluated by selected examiners via viva-voce and written report.

The following is the list of dissertation courses code.


MHAD 1280 01
MHAD 2180 01
MHAD 2280 01
MHAD 3180 01
MHAD 3280 01
MHAD 4180 01
MHAD 4280 01
Entry Requirements


Possess Bachelor Degree with honours from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any institutions of higher learning recognized by the University’s Senate with a minimum CGPA of 2.75; OR Possess Bachelor Degree with CGPA <2.75 from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any institutions of higher learning recognized by the University’s Senate WITH several years working experience.

Application Procedure
For more information about the admission process, please contact:

Telephone   +6075537900
To know more about the programme, please contact:

Name:  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aslan Amat Senin
Any inquiry about course registration, please contact:

Name  FM Academic Office 
Telephone +607-5610188
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