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Aslan Amat Senin

Aslan Amat Senin is Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at AHIBS. He holds Bachelor in Economics (Hitotsubashi University, Monbusho scholar), MSc in Technology Management (UMIST) and PhD in Science Policy Research (Manchester). Before joining UTM in 2000, he has worked for several years as quality and safety management system auditor . His research and teachings are therefore wide-ranging; within or intersections between innovation studies; science, technology and innovation policy research; technology and innovation management; university-industry links; and operation management. Apart from these professional interests, Aslan has also soft spot for history and sociology literature. He is currently editor-in-chief for Jurnal Kemanusiaan (Journal of Humanities) and editor for Sains Humanika (UTM flagship journal for social sciences).

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Innovation Studies; Science, Technology And Innovation Policy Research; Technology And Innovation Management; University-industry Links; Operation Management

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