24th February 2019– Uberizing business education towards creating business leaders is the core business of Azman Hashim International Business School. The business school extensively works on their branding and marketing initiatives in the Gulf Region. As part of the UTM Global Strategy, AHIBS early this year engaged in a 10 days marketing and branding Gulf Drive in delivering business education to the Gulf Region. AHIBS strongly believes the importance of their alumni relations  as ambassadors and sparks much of the success of the recruitment of  business students in the school.

The formalisation of partnership begun with the roll out of AHIBS in uberizing business education led by the Dean of Azman Hashim International Business School, Prof. Nur herself with Head of Saudi Arabia Executive Learning and Development,  Dr. Suzilawati Kamaruddin. Universities that have committed interest to the partnership are Ar-Rayan College of Medical in Madhinah, Macca Chamber of Commerce, Makkah,  and University of Business and Technology in Jeddah.  

Following the engagement, this initiative is a push forward aligned to AHIBS and UTM global strategies, is the  formalisation of  UBT and UTM partnership signed on the 24th February in the 2019 Gulf Education Conference and Exhibitionis to promote mutually beneficial cooperation and sharing of expertise between UBT and UTM in various fields such as business and engineering education. To begin, around 34 UBT academics from various cohort across areas in Engineering, Business, Language Academy, and Architecture will join UTM PhD programmes in September, 2019.  UTM Azman Hashim International School will also assist UBT in their PhD curriculum enhancement. In addition, UTM will collaborate on facilitating the establishment of a Chemical Engineering department in UBT beginning this year. The partnership will also facilitate the capacity building through faculty and student exchanges.  The collaboration is in tandem with Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 2ndthemes: to have a thriving economy. As a premier private university in Saudi Arabia, UBT provide opportunities for all by building an education system that is in aligned with the needs of the country.

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