The Faculty of Management Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has successfully organized the 2nd International Symposium on Teaching and Learning Innovation (ISTLI) 2022 on November 4, 2022, with the theme “Encapsulating HyFlex in Teaching and Learning”.


The ISTLI Symposium 2022 aims to provide a platform for academics, educators, researchers, and scholars, to exchange ideas, information, and expertise, as well as exhibit their creations in teaching and learning. We have accepted more than 20 abstracts for an oral presentation from different universities. Within seven broad areas of interest, the papers cover a wide range of fundamental issues, challenges, and opportunities confronting contemporary academia in hybrid teaching and learning. Student engagement, tools for online-hybrid teaching and learning, adapting technology in online and hybrid teaching and learning, issues in education, innovation in teaching and learning, and assessment in teaching are among the major topics covered.

The first distinguished keynote speech was delivered by Prof. Dr. Ather Azim Khan, Dean of the Faculty of Management, University of Administrative Sciences from University of Sialkot, Pakistan with the title “Encapsulating Hyflex in Teaching and Learning”. The second keynote was presented by Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Hayati Abdullah, with the title “HyFlex-Transforming Teaching and Learning Landscape”.


Alhamdulillah, ISTLI 2022 was a huge success. Thank you very much for the participation. See you in ISTLI 2023 next year!
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