Life is a wonderful journey, even if you are not following the mainstream!
AHIBS is proud to have our own Associate Professor Dr. Ramesh Zaidi Rozan delivering a fascinating TEDxUTM talk on “Unusual Path Travelled” that should allow us human to choreograph our own destiny. This unusual path has led him to where he is now. Dr. Zaidi is among a diverse group of 10 prominent speakers who are talented and successful in their own fields to present at the TEDxUTM 2019.

During our life journey, sometimes we traverse on some winding and challenging road. The journey leads us to some frightening destinations, or into the deep jungles and terrains that we need to struggle through, only to witness the beautiful green pastures in front. Such, is life.

Truly as an audience, we can learn a lot from Dr. Zaidi’s journey that may help develop and shape us as individuals, as well as prepare us for our own future adventures.

Dr. Zaidi is an Associate Professor in Information Systems at AHIBS, and currently he is the Director of the UTM Centre For Student Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship – UTM XCITE. Kudos, Dr. Zaidi!

Story by: Dr. Zuraidah Sulaiman
Photos by: Dr. Zuraidah Sulaiman and Mohammed Nabil Mahamad

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