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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhalimah Idris

Dr. Norhalimah earned her degree, M.B.A, and Ph.D. from the U.K. She teaches Introduction to Financial Accounting, Auditing, Integrated Case Study, Business Communication, and Research Methods. Her passion won her a gold medal during the NALI 2019 competition. An ardent qualitative researcher, who delves into competence acquisition, informal learning, entrepreneurship, healthcare, work-life balance, gender, and post-modernist ethnographic studies. A strong qualitative advocator, Dr. Norhalimah is proficient with FGDs, Interviews, Case Studies, and Grounded Theory Approach. Successfully led the TRGS, several RUGs, a member in interdisciplinary research collaborations, and consulted projects at state and national level. She is an editorial member of an international journal (AMITY) and an avid writer of several peer-reviewed journal articles, policies, and book chapters.

Research Interest

Competence Acquisition, CPD, Workplace/Informal Learning, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Qualitative Research – Gender, Action Research, Ethnography


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