Executive Development Program (EDP)

Training For Business, Managerial, Leadership & Entrepreneurial Advancement

 TM International Business School offers Executive Development Programme (EDP) that utilizes a number of short courses covering all aspects of managing an organization. Our EDP is tailored exclusively to further enhance the capability of participant’s managerial and entrepreneurial competencies. It focuses on preparing participants to face an ever-changing market demands. This is done by advancing management knowledge through special courses conceived of marketing-oriented teaching and related training.

Training For Business, Managerial, Leadership & Entrepreneurial Advancement

Organizational and individual clients may choose any combination of courses offered. We also redesign and tailor-made courses to suit the needs of organizational clients. With an competitive fee, we can deliver a special, tailor-made EDP for a minimum of 15 participants from an organizational client.

Objectives of EDP

  • Assist participants in acquiring knowledge for the
    development of managerial and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Familiarising participants with the various functional
    areas of business.
  • Develop participants with the ability to make decision.
  • Train participants with the skill for managerial

Modules Offered

 Strategic Marketing & Branding
 Human Resource & Talent Management
 Action Research in Organizations
 Competitive Advantage through Technology Management
 Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Managers
 Cost Accounting for Decision Making
 Financial for Non-Financial Managers
 Global Business Environment
 Strategic Management & Designing Strategic Planning

 Management & Evaluation of Organization
 Operation & Project Management
 Creativity & Innovation
 Knowledge Management
 Business Presentation & Communication Skills
 Marketing Innovation
 Quality & Change Management
 Navigating 21st Century Challenges through Leadership
 Negotiation Skills

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