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Nik Mohd Faiz Nik Mohamed Amin

Although he is a young entrepreneur, Nik Mohd Faiz Nik Mohamed Amin is more than capable of leading the Gahara Galore,
a well-known Batik company.


Tell us about some of the activities you’ve been involved with since leaving UTM IBS.

There are a few fields I have been involved in after my graduation from IBS. My first project after graduation was the establishment of consultancy group with 2 other IBS graduates and worked for few projects for business initiation, business expansion and branding activities for other startups and existing companies. I have also expanded my enterprise business into private limited company called Gahara Galore Sdn Bhd. After few years of being trader in batik business with local market and distribution within Malaysia, I started with major R&D project and came out with our very own batik collection under Ruzz Gahara label and promoted to international level. The first destination was Miami Florida. With the help of Matrade office in those places I managed to secure few meetings with potential leads and after few years of struggles, I managed to set our business ventures in few major capitals including Miami, New York, Budapest, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London, Manila and Singapore. Gahara Galore Sdn Bhd (GGSB) is now my main priority and have few different business units including batik production, textiles, fashion, accessories, home and also training under the collaboration with European Union, 1MDB, ECER, UiTM, UMK, Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia and many more. I am also an active member of Tourism Malaysia and conducted a lot of craft talk in few countries including Moscow, London, Canberra and Melbourne. In 2013, I have been entrusted to organize world class art event in Miami under Miti and National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia called Arts Kuala Lumpur Miami. That 1 month event taken place in Miami was held during Art Basel Miami, the biggest art event in the world.


What is your greatest business achievement to date?

The ability to develop and create future entrepreneur in craft business. After 9 solid years of experience in this industry I have been entrusted to train many youngsters and get them venturing into business activities with strong financial support from a few agencies. People have seen me not only as batik producer but an icon for the industry, which I don’t think I am there yet. Certainly it is an honor, but more importantly, having the chance to see with my naked eye on the improvement of crafts industry in Malaysia into global arena, creating significant global and community impact.


What one piece of advice should other budding entrepreneurs take on board?

Work in team. Share as much resources from each individual expert and create the ultimatum that can bring the entity you founded into global impact. No one knows how to bring business into successes but with time and effort, some will shine like starts.


What’s next for Ruzz Gahara?

Now Ruzz Gahara is ready to come home… in early 2016 GGSB has been headquartered in Rumah Gahara in Penambang Kelantan instead of Kuala Lumpur. The major expansion is now taking place in Rumah Gahara in the aim to prepare the complex as a major craft attraction among tourists to Malaysia. GGSB is now working with few related agencies locally in Malaysia and also international counterparts in cross marketing Rumah Gahara into household name. If Thailand has Jim Thompson, Finland has Marimekko, France has Louise Vuitton, Malaysia will soon celebrate Rumah Gahara as a must visit spot for tourist.





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