Industry driven, active and highest quality in teaching


  1. To produce competent and versatile accounting graduates who are able to be leaders in organizations.
  2. To produce accounting graduates who are ethical, outstanding, and have high confidence to uphold the accounting profession.
  3. To provide a platform for graduates to develop career and education in the accounting profession.
  4. To produce accounting graduates with effective interpersonal skills.


The course is offered in full-time mode comprising of eight (8) regular semesters and in part-time mode comprising of twelve (12) regular semesters. The course requires students to undergo 6 months (24 weeks) of industrial training during the 7th semester (for full-time mode). Assessment of students’ performance is based on formative and summative evaluation conducted throughout each semester. Assessment: Maximum of 60% final examination and the remaining allocated to coursework. Condition for Graduation Graduates should fulfill all the curriculum requirements of the program.



Graduates of the programme may work as accountants, auditors, finance officers, tax officers, tax consultants, entrepreneurs, business/entrepreneur consultants, insurance advisor/consultants, company secretaries, bank officers, risk managers, chief executive officers, etc.


Students are given the opportunity to register for courses in participating local and international universities.  The grades and credits gained can be transferred for purposes of graduation.



MQA, ACCA, MICPA, ICAEW and MIA Accreditation To ensure the quality of our program is maintained, the Bachelor of Accounting program has obtained full accreditation from Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in 2015. The program has also been recognized by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) with maximum exemptions and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) (with 7-paper exemptions). MICPA Accreditation The accreditation exercise has been completed and our program received the full accreditation award in December 2022. MIA Accreditation The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) has reopened the accreditation exercise for universities’ accounting degrees for the purpose of inclusion into Part 1, First Schedule of the Accountants Act 1967. Our program has undergone the accreditation audit process which ended in August 2023. Our program is currently in the final stage of accreditation, pending final notification from MIA . OTHER INITIATIVES Furthermore, to pave the way for our graduates to be professionally qualified and to acquire more competencies, collaborations with external parties have been made. Among the initiatives are: ACCA Accelerate + Program – where the students on the program accredited by ACCA will be able to register with ACCA before they complete their Bachelor of Accounting. ACCA will support students of Accelerate accredited program who will have exceptional financial conditions, free initial registration fee, free annual subscription fee up to two years after graduation (inclusive of graduation year), deferred exemption fee payment (up to 24 months after graduation). ACCA will also support students by organizing information events, meetings with ACCA members, and promoting the ACCA qualification at the university. Strategic partnerships with Big Four Firms and medium-sized firms as well as multi-national companies – as a result, we received overwhelmed responses and many of our graduates are recruited and employed by these firms. Strong and constant support from these firms provide us funding opportunities which benefit our programs in various kind of activities. Engagement with industry – in both academic and research related matters to cater their expectations as well as to ensure that our curriculum and research is relevant and impactful.

Programme Specifications

Programme Name: Bachelor of Accounting with Honours

Final Award: Bachelor of Accounting with Honours

Awarding Institution: UTM

Teaching Institution: UTM

Programme Code: UT6344001 (SBSCH)

Professional or Statutory Body of Accreditation: ACCA, ICAEW and MICPA

Language(s) of Instruction: English

Mode of Study: Conventional

Mode of operation: Self-govern

Study Scheme: Full Time (FT) and Part Time (PT)

Study Duration: Minimum : 4 years (FT) / 6 years (PT) Maximum : 6 years (FT) / 10 years (PT)

   For more information about the admission process,    Contact ;


+6075537809 / +6075537573 (International Students)

+6075537809 / +6075537632 (Malaysian Students)


   To know more about the programme,    Contact;

Name: Dr. Nor Hamimah Mastor

  Any inquiry about course registration, please contact:    Contact;

Name: FM Academic Office
Telephone: +607-5610188
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