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Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor

Dr Roshazlizawati Mohd Nor is a senior lecturer at Department of Business Administration at Faculty of Management since 2003. She obtained Doctor of Philosophy (Law) in the field of E-consumer Protection in E-commerce, Master of Comparative Laws and Bachelor of Law (Hons) from International Islamic University Malaysia. She has taught several courses such as Basic Principles of Malaysian Law, Commercial Law, Cyber Law and Occupational Safety and Health. She is one of the authors of the Principles of Commercial Law published by UTM Publisher in year 2011 and has authored several articles on e-consumer protection in e-commerce. She is a member of Malaysian Consumer and Family Economics Association (MACFEA) and Malaysian Economic Association (MEA). Her research interests are in the area of Commercial Law, E-commerce Law, Consumer Protection and Cyber Law..

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Commercial Law, E-commerce Law, Consumer Protection and Cyber Law

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