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Few reasons why IBS is the right choice for you:



At IBS, MBA courses in management are aimed at developing students into managers who will have strong communication and decision-making skills with outstanding leadership qualities.

While the entry requirements call for relevant academic qualification with sufficient working experience, other criteria are also taken into consideration. IBS offers a place to applicants who have the potential for higher managerial positions and those who can contribute and share their thought or ideas during classroom sessions and group discussions.



Lecturers at IBS are professionals having had sufficient industry experience and are well-qualified academically. They are drawn from different Faculties in UTM, other universities and the industry. This is in-line with pure effort to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Further added-value to the MBA programs is accomplished through the participations of selected captain of the industry, who would be invited as guest speakers or as supporting sources to the main lecturers.

UTM is a premier university offering engineering-related degree programs. Because IBS sits in a pool of technical expertise from the university’s fraternity, students could gain the advantage of technical inputs to their projects where necessary.

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IBS realises that learning is an on-going process. Learning business theories alone is not sufficient to ensure successful careers in business management. That’s why at IBS we practice experiential learning. We find that this method enhances communication and decision making skills as well as students’ understanding of the subjects. Moreover, experiential learning allows students to offers their contribution to the benefits of all participants.

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