The Learning and Social Value (LSV) Group focuses on social return on investment analysis (SROI) for measuring social interventions among diverse stakeholders. In additions, the research group facilitates learning and development interventions, leader competency development and engages in behavioural accounting and corporate governance research for individuals and organisations. 

Social and Technological Return-on-Investment Interventions

Measure extra financial value (i.e., environmental and social value not currently reflected in conventional financial accounts) relative to resources invested and identify ways to improve performance, and enhance the performance of investments.

Learning and Development Interventions

Develop or conduct behaviour issue which involves assessing the need, designing materials, developing training, presentations and exercises, implementing the program and evaluating the success of the program which leads to employee performance.


Behavioural Accounting and Corporate Governance

Deals with corporations that are governed and controlled with a view to increasing shareholder value and meeting the expectations of other stakeholders that promote high quality of good governance.

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